Kurry Shack - Old City

Vegetarian Appetizers

Start with veggie appetizers.

Non Vegetarian Appetizers

Start with non vegetarian appetizers.



Try these freshly cooked entrées marinated in our house mixed spices then cooked inside our tandoor (clay oven) served with side of rice!


Try our basmati rice mixed with herbs and spices your choice of veggies, meats or shrimp! Long grain basmati rice.

Main Course

Comes with choice of protein.

Vegetarian Specialties

Try our fresh healthy vegetarian options!


6" round. Try our fresh tandoori baked on premises flavored breads. Fresh baked in tandoor - clay oven.


Try any of our homemade dessert options!


Try our delicious chutney (sauces) on the side of any 1 of your meals!

Cold Beverages