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Cooked Rolls

Baked Salmon Roll

Crab, cream cheese, shrimp tempura, avocado. Top salmon. Chili oil, eel sauce.


Dynamite Roll

Crawfish and baked scallop on top of California rolls.


Dynamite Roll

Aguachile Roll

Crabmeat, avocado, cucumber. Top: cooked shrimp with spicy serrano chili, cilantro, lemon sauce.


Black Dragon Roll

Crab, avocado, shrimp tempura, top eel. Eel sauce."


Cajun Shrimp Roll

Spicy crab, cucumber, top cooked shrimp seared. Ponzu, chili oil, eel sauce.


Cesar Roll

Shrimp tempura , avocado, cream cheese, top spicy crab, shrimp and crunchy mix. Chili oil, eel sauce.


Ken's Roll

Baked crawfish. Top: avocado, spicy crab. | Eel sauce, chili oil.


Steak Roll

Shrimp temp, crab, avocado top seared beef. Ponzu, garlic, onion.


Hawaiian roll

California roll topped with fresh tuna,avocado,spicy sesame dressing


Palmdale Roll

Crab, shrimp tempura on soy paper wrapped with avocado. Top: baked prawn. Sauce creamy, spicy and sweet


Crunchy Roll

Shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber. Top: crunchy


Lobster Roll

Backed lobster, mayonnaise, masago wrapped on soy paper.


Lobster Roll

Tempura California

Deep fried roll with crab meat and avocado Spicy mayo and sweet sauce


Special Albacore Roll

Crab salad, shrimp tempura, cucumber. Top: avocado and albacore. Sauce: Spicy Ponzu


Special Albacore Roll

Shrimp’s Lover Roll

Shrimp temp, crab, cucumber. Topped with cooked shrimp. Spicy Ponzu.


Hercules Roll

Spicy tuna, salmon, jalapeño and avocado, whole deep fried. Sauce: Chili oil, Eel.


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